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Scrub Bag Pattern - FREE - DIGITAL DOWNLOAD / FAQ's


Free pattern to build your own scrub bag in support of a health care worker.

Simply add the pattern to your shopping cart, and check out through the website as if you were making a purchase. The payment page will tell you that it's free and will take you to download now (not payment details necessary)! We made this pattern free to support our front line workers - but if you’d like to support this project, please consider adding some fabric, a gift card, or a donation to your shopping cart. 

The Story:

My daughter is a nurse at Rockyview Hospital on the floors handling the Covid-19 cases.

A request has come (not for masks) but for cotton bags that can be used to carry home dirty scrubs and hoodies after a shift. These cotton bags can be transported home and dropped right into the washing machine.

French seams, a casing and we have a cheerful, practical thank you for the professionals caring for others in the midst of this health crisis. 

Please prewash either your fabric or your completed bag in hot water to ensure the dyes do not run.
Blessings! Nancy


What kind of fabric can I use? 
We like pretty quilting cotton, but anything that is washable (in hot water and often) and sturdy will work. 
Does it have to follow this pattern exactly? 
The edges MUST be finished and the bag MUST be sturdy. These will get a lot of use and need to hold up over time. You can surge the raw edges if you'd prefer or use a zig zag stitch, but the french seams are our favorite.  You may also adapt the casing to be a style that works for you.
Can I make it smaller to save fabric? 
No. The bags need to be at least 18" x 18" (or bigger) so that the scrubs can go in and come out easily in the wash. A smaller bag will not work as well as we're trying to minimize touching and maximize cleanliness. EMS and other emergency workers have bulkier uniforms and need bags that are even larger.
Do I have to sew my own drawstrings?
Nope! You can use cord or twill tape or a really long shoelace. Please don't use ribbon - it will fray and cannot hold up to the use and washing that is required. Whatever you use make sure it's 1) long enough to open the bag FULLY (this is important to get scrubs clean) and 2) easy to open and close and 3) will not tangle or fray. 
Can I drop them off at my local hospital?
PLEASE find a contact or a coordinating group in your area. Searching facebook groups for Scrub Bags could hook you up with people in your area or contact someone you know at a nearby hospital. Please do not walk in off the street to donate bags - you need to follow proper procedures!
They'll wash them... do I need to wash them too?
Please wash them in hot water with soap. This is to make sure the dye is set and will not bleed all over their clothes. Not sure? Wash them again! (Sometimes vinegar can help set the dye. Or use a colour catcher sheet --We love these!)


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