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About us

Hi there! Welcome and thanks so much for visiting us at Willow Creek Quilts!
I can hardly believe that we are doing this. A year ago we were on holidays with our new friends - never dreaming there would be so much more to come!
I'm a wife, a mom and a 'nana'. In 2015 my husband and I had moved to Claresholm from Nova Scotia to be closer to our children. I was a Registered Nurse working in the private sector. 
I had grown up with grandmothers who sewed and quilted and a mother who was a very accomplished seamstress. I had dabbled with sewing but experienced many frustrations. When I met Hayley she invited me to a quilting/craft weekend she was hosting. When I replied that I couldn't quilt - she quickly replied, "I'll teach you". Hayley is a great teacher and I was hooked. I dug out my mothers old machine and the rest is quilting history. 

One of the most enjoyable things about owning a quilt store has been the wonderful people we have met on the journey, excited beginners, seasoned local quilters to roaming travellers. I love to be part of your creative process and hear the dreams, see the projects, and watch you select your favorite fabrics in new combinations! They speak to our individuality. 
I love to spend time at the store. The light streaming in, the beautiful fabrics, and the wonderful people continuously remind me that the world is a very beautiful place. 
Check us out in person - or online - and add a little beauty to your day!